Archives of Clinical Case Studies and Case Reports

Archives of Clinical Case Studies and Case Reports

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Publication Charges

The Journal of ScieniQ Publishers is an open-access journal. In the open access publishing model, the publication is considered as the last phase of the research process and the publication fee of an article is paid from the author’s research budget, or by the grants of their supporting institution. The publication fee covers the entire cost of the process of publication which includes.

  • Peer-review management by the editorial staff and board
  • Preparation of manuscript in various formats for online publication
  • Hosting, Archiving and Maintaining the manuscript
  • Manuscript preparation such as copyediting, formatting, adjusting the layout
  • Developing and maintaining electronic tools for peer review and publication
  • Immediate, worldwide open access to the full article text.

To publish in the ScieniQ Publishers, authors are required to pay an article-processing charge (APC) of 1599 USD.

ScieniQ Publishers provides a waiver to authors belonging to Low-income economies or Lower-middle-income economies as defined by the World Bank. Requests from other authors for APC waivers and discounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All applications for APC waivers should be made at the point of manuscript submission; requests made during the review process or after acceptance will not be considered.

Note: Article processing charges are also applicable for invited authors.