Our Mission

The purpose of ScieniQ Publishers is to promote research in science for the benefit of humanity. To achieve this mission, ScieniQ Publishers identified the following core principles.

  • Open exchange of ideas and information
  • The generation and dissemination of scientific knowledge
  • Diversity of backgrounds, scientific ideas, methods and approaches
  • Benefit of science for a sustainable future
  • International and interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Equality and inclusiveness
  • Unselfish cooperation in research
  • Excellence and integrity in everything we do
  • Dedicated volunteers represent an essential ingredient of every program.
  • ScieniQ Publishers’ staff work flexibly and responsively in partnership with volunteers to achieve our goals and objectives.

Our Vision

ScieniQ Publishers galvanizes a community of scientists that collaboratively advances and communicates science and its power to ensure a sustainable future. When our vision is achieved

  • ScieniQ Publishers is perceived as an authoritative source for science.
  • Researchers feel empowered and feel that ScieniQ Publishers is representing their science well.
  • Members feel a part of a larger voice, that they make a difference.
  • The organization is transparent and responsive to member needs.
  • It increases effectiveness and recognition of ScieniQ Publishers among decision makers as an authoritative source of integrated, interdisciplinary scientific information.
  • ScieniQ Publishers is a model of excellence, diversity, integrity, and equality that attracts and retains the best scientists and students.
  • ScieniQ Publishers journals will be leading in terms of attracting the best science and having the greatest impact.
  • Work in partnership with many other organizations and is viewed by its collaborators as open, welcoming and supportive.
  • As an organization, ScieniQ Publishers is widely known and respected by individuals and organizations as a reliable source of high-quality science information.
  • ScieniQ Publishers offers resources for members worldwide to discuss science and exchange ideas.