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Scieniq Publishers  is an open access publishing forum for research and discussions related to contemporary publishing. Scieniq Publishers is a scientific publishing group organized by like-minded researchers, scholars and academia working with prestigious institutions and research organizations across the world.


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Open access allows research to be freely available to all—including those from developing countries whose academic institutions may not be able to afford costly publications—in the interests of accelerating scientific progress, and ultimately resulting in public good. Open access not only ensures the widest dissemination of research possible, but also the greatest impact, by allowing others to cite, re-purpose, and build upon existing published research.


Our Journals

Advance Medical and Clinical Research

Advance medical and clinical researchis an International, fully peer-reviewed academic Journal dedicated to publishing of the most comprehensive and reliable research in medicine and Science Research.

Archives of Clinical Case Studies and Case Reports

Archives of Clinical Case Studies and Case Reports is a scholarly International Mega that publishes the peer-reviewed online open-access journal. The Journal is a different valuable collection from other original case report journals.

Experimental Food Science & Nutrition

Experimental food science & nutrition is an open access journal, Food and Dairy Technology is emphasizing on various food processing and dairy technology studies, thereby providing an insight to the current developments

Global Anesthesia & Pain Medicine

Global Anesthesia & pain Medicine Analysis is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishes wide range of articles dedicated to the clinical practice of anesthesia which includes Anesthetic Administration, Anesthesiology…

Journal of Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology Current Research is an international open access, peer-reviewed, academic journal that aims to publish original research articles, clinical trials, reviews, case report, editorials …

Journal of Bio Medical And Bio Technology

Journal Of Bio Medical And Bio Technology is steadfast to rapid publication of full-length research papers that prompt huge commitment in advancing knowledge in genetic engineering and biotechnology …

Journal of Cardiology & Cardiovascular Research

Journal of Cardiology and Cardiovascular medicine is a peer-reviewed open-access online journal aimed at publishing seminal research that focuses primarily on cardiology therapeutics …

Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Journal Of Chemical and Pharmaceutical sciences is an open access, peer reviewed journal dedicated to publishing articles in all areas of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science. 

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Golden open access policy makes articles available online immediately after publication. Providing global attention to your research.


Editors and reviewers are committed to reporting, ethics and publishing guidelines, resulting in best of quality.


Systematic and rapid process from submission to acceptance, decreases the publication timelines.

Tailored Charges

Providing support for researchers from low and middle-income countries considering their research support.



Scieniq publishers is an international open access journal publishing platform which publishes articles from the field of science and technology. This journal house focuses on publishing the articles received from research scholars with numerous fields of Medical, Clinical, Engineering, Environmental and Biomedical Research. SRC encourages the author with stunning memberships to publish one’s own unlimited articles for that entire academic year and avoid individual payment charges for each article. This benefit avails for both regular and special issue articles. Upon acceptance of membership from the author, scieniqpublishers will display his/her academic profile with photograph & affiliations in journal website. This is will help author to improve his citations on his/her published articles and improve reader views.

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