Scieniq Publishers is an international open access journal publishing platform which publishes articles from the field of science and technology. This journal house focuses on publishing the articles received from research scholars with numerous fields of Medical, Clinical, Engineering, Environmental and Biomedical Research. Scieniq Publishers encourages the author with stunning memberships to publish one’s own unlimited articles for that entire academic year and avoid individual payment charges for each article. This benefit avails for both regular and special issue articles.

Upon acceptance of membership from the author, Scieniq Publishers will display his/her academic profile with photograph & affiliations in journal website. This is will help author to improve his citations on his/her published articles and improve reader views.

Memberships are of two types:

Individual Membership: A registered author can submit multiple articles for a single academic year* where he/she must be at corresponding position with/without co-authors.

Author can utilise his/her benefits as like: One author can submit multiple articles relating to any of the journals in Scieniq Publishers house with registration id.

Institutional Membership: Registration is applied for entire institute or university where any corresponding author can submit his/her articles for an entire academic year*.

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Note: *365 days from date of registration.